Are cupcakes replacing the traditional wedding cake or are they just being used to supplement the cake design while adding a hint of convenience?

Will you layer your cupcakes on tiered cupcake stands, display them next to your wedding cake or give them their own table here are a few top cupcake designs to consider for your wedding venue? Here are 12 cupcake styles to help you figure out what's best for you. 

 White cupcakes with red rose accents and marzipan leaves.
Red velvet cupcakes with marzipan roses and leaves - Source: TheC10 

Large Wedding Cupcake Tower with flower and fern garnish.
Image courtesy of: The DJ Service - Large wedding cupcake tower with an assortment of cupcake flavors and designs, the empty spaces between the cupcakes are filled with green fern leaves.


Red Rose Cupcakes with Leaves
Chocolate cupcakes with red frosting roses and marzipan leaves - Image courtesy of: Horeca Food Service


Chocolate Cupcake Tower for a Wedding Venue
Image courtesy of: The Wedding Window

For the chocolate and the flower lover, this large four tier cupcake tower proudly displays the chocolate brown cupcakes that have been topped with pink daisies with brown centers. The final touch include the bride and groom's cake on top and a scattered arrangement of rose petals and chocolate kisses.
Multi-tiered Wedding Cupcake Tower
Image courtesy of: Sweet Garden
This tall cupcake stand displays a number of cupcakes without giving the feeling of things being overcrowded. The colors include black, white and maroon cupcakes with an interesting wedding couple on top. Are those moose?
Pink Rose Wedding Cupcake Tower
Image courtesy of: 2 BP Blogspot
Like a summer rose garden that has merged with a fine display of vanilla cupcakes, this multi-tiered cupcake tower adds a fun and colorful floral feeling to the wedding venue.
Pink Cake Box Lavender and White Cupcake Tower
Image courtesy of: Pink Cake Box
Elements of nature and soothing colors arise while gazing at the design of this lovely wedding cupcake tower. Swirls of lavender and white frosting are complimented with yellow flowers and a live grass base at the bottom.
Image courtesy of: Wedding Bee
The clean style of this cupcake tower sits perfectly upon a white dinner napkin and a wooden barrel. Chocolate cupcake topped with white marzipan and accented with pale green and pink hearts are placed in the center of each perfectly placed cupcake. The grand finale is placed on the top. A calm couple (also made from marzipan) sit comfortably on top, they seem to be almost serenely waiting for the ceremony.
Image courtesy of: Wilton

Source: Wilton
Image courtesy of: She Knows
Cupcake Tower for Wedding Venue
Image courtesy of: Pinterest


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