Wedding cake and lighting designers merge in this fantastic upgrade to the wedding cake. Using the latest technology that looks much like what is used at nightly slideshows shown at Disney's Magic Kingdom or Disneyland, projection mapping projects personalized video sequences on the blank slates of wedding cakes. These customizable videos tell the unique story of the bride and groom in a unrivaled way that is usually decided upon by the couple or the wedding party.
Make wedding cakes come to life via projection mapping. Just like this darling Disney animated wedding cake that features Cinderella's carriage and Tinkerbell flying by. But how does it work, well depending on the lighting designer will depend upon the exact details. However, I can tell you that it involves a blank wedding cake, a video projector, an audio system and a controller.
3D Projection Wedding Cake
Image Above: Sonal J Shah Events

Video: POSH Donkey Kong Projector Wedding Cake

Video: Multimedia Wedding Cake

Video: Mapping Cake

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