The Swinging Teacup Wedding Cake

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Huntington Beach, California's Sweet Traders bakery has created a phenomenal three-tiered tea inspired pink wedding cake, decorated with tea inspired antique props, molded flowers, and a teacup wedding topper. Sturdy enough to sit atop of a...
Swinging Tea Party Cake

10 Dazzling Printed Wedding Menu Ideas

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Rustic Printed Menu Idea

The Best 3D Projection Mapping Wedding Cake Ideas

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The Best 3D Projection Mapping Wedding Cakes








Retro Oven Cupcake Box

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Retro Cake Box

Cheesiest Pizza Wedding Cakes Ever!

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We love pizza that much too, but we also love cake. Take a look at these cheesy (and pepperoni) enhanced wedding cake and dinner alternatives. Be sure to vote for your favorite one by leaving a comment below!

Pizza Wedding

The 8 Best Donut Wedding Ideas

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Gold Glitter Donut

Strawberry Wedding Cake Tower

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Strawberry Themed Wedding Cake Tower

How to Make Bride and Groom Cake Pops

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How to Make Bride and Groom Cake Pops - These adorable Bride and Groom Cake Pops are so elegant they must be...

Cake Pop