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Candy Cake Weddings

Collapsible Silver Shot Glass Gift Idea

$12.98 USD

This charming and oh so convenient collapsible Cheers inspired Stainless Steel Shot Cup will give an easy personalized touch to any occasion. Perfect for the groom and groomsmen, wedding party and the father of the bride. Add to grooms boxes and welcome bags, personalized to encourage the recipient to raise a toast.

Here is a handy little gift with hidden talents. Telescopic pocket shot glass in stainless steel can hide in plain view until called to action. Great gift to accompany our personalized hip flasks.

Also available with a Cheers theme or a custom monogram.

Includes one shot glass with lid and engraving
Size: 2 3/8" (H) x 2" (D)
Stainless Steel
Item# 7263
Availability: In Stock