Retro Single Use Disposable Camera for Weddings and Parties

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Add a bit of retro flair with this Retro Single Use Disposable Camera for Weddings and Parties with its attractive Vintage Design. This single-use 200 ASA 16-exposure Camera with flash is great for capturing those moments that are often missed by the wedding photographer.

It's charming vintage design will complement a variety of wedding a party styles and themes. Place them on your reception tables along with a Camera Table Sign to display and communicate to your guests your intent (sign sold separately). A perfect compliment for Wanderlust Travel Wedding Themes, Retro Weddings, Destination Weddings and so much more. NOTE: This is not a digital camera. 

•Built in flash with range up to 3 meters
•Camera shells may be recycled, as a result, the paper wrapper may vary slightly from image shown
•A ‘Develop Before’ date is marked on each individual camera to ensure camera has not expired prior to use
•Disposable cameras are not recommended as the main method of capturing images at your special event

12cm x 3.8cm x 12.7cm H 
200 ASA 16 exposure Camera with flash
Item# 9199

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