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Guinness World Records Most Expensive Wedding Cake Slice

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Would you believe that no record for the world's most expensive wedding cake slice has been broken since 1937? Broken by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's the cake slice was valued between $500 and $1000 US dollars. I think it may be time for someone to step up to the "plate".

There seems to be no picture available online, yet we would love to see what it actually looks like. If you know where we can dig up the actual photo or if you know where to find it online, simply use the contact form below.

Guinness World Records Most Expensive Wedding Cake Slice

Guinness World Records states that:
"A box containing a piece of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's 1937 wedding cake sold at Sotheby's, New York, USA on 27 February 1998 for $29,900 (£18,163) to Benjamin and Amanda Yin of San Francisco, USA.

Bearing the inscription 'A piece of our wedding cake WE 3-V1-37', the lot was estimated originally at US$500 - $1,000 (£303 - £607). Speaking after the sale, Mr Yim said, 'It is almost unimaginable to have such an item exist. It is something totally surreal. It represents the epitome of a great romance.' When asked if they would be exhibiting the cake, Mr Yim replied, 'We're sure not going to eat it!'

Proceeds from the sale were donated to charities supported by Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales, during their lifetimes. Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed opened the auction with the following statement, "This collection, as found in the Windsor House in 1986, captured the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. It has never seemed to be my own collection because it had represented, and always will represent, the lives of the couple whose love changed the history of the nation and transfixed the world. My role has been to record and restore for posterity this precious piece of history. For over ten years, my efforts have been directed toward the accomplishment of this aim. My work is now complete. Now it can go out into the world, and I will find great happiness and fulfillment from the knowledge of the good I hope will come from this, and that there will be children in need around the world who will benefit from the memory of my beloved son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales."


Some discrepancies online suggest that the most expensive slice is actually:
The Daily Caller, "A slice of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's wedding cake from 1937 sold for $29,900 in 1998."


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