There are many components to an effective paragraph, this ever-changing and growing writing in progress follows simple guidelines yet no guidelines at all. Like an ever morphing unit the paragraph is capable of whatever the writer’s vision has chosen it to become. I find strength in knowing that it is capable of anything, but also within the strength is a shimmer of fear.


  • effective paragraphs
  • writing is a process
  • supporting details
  • writer establishes credibility
  • give meaning to your ideas
  • paragraph and sentence unity
  • find and express your focus
  • a new paragraph signals a pause in thought or a change in topic

My top priorities in paragraph writing are to provide my readers with a clear focus of the thought, a type of vision that enables the readers to feel and envision the sentences that string along in the paragraph. Eight different paragraph options lie in front of me, and like a comfy pair of pants, my default option “compare & contrast” is always there for me. I strive to bring forth unity in my message, with a sense of logic that encourages the reader to see the synchronicity of one sentence logically leading into the next with the essence of higher purpose and all of the supporting details present to express my ideas clearly to my readers.

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