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Effective Sentence Writing 0

There are many components to an effective paragraph, this ever-changing and growing writing in progress follows simple guidelines yet no guidelines at all. Like an ever morphing unit the paragraph is capable of whatever the writer’s vision has chosen it to become.
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Funny Face Mask Ideas for COVID-19 Shelter in Place 0

Life is short why not have a good time!! A little humor may help ease the discernment of our ever-changing circumstances during COVID-19 and Shelter in Place phenomenon. And unbeknownst to your geographical location, even during an actual community outbreak, people gawk...Coronavirus or crazy paranoid. So let's have fun and be SAFE and Turn that Frown Upside Down!! 
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Top 5 Wooden Pencils for Rustic Themed Parties 0

These Pencil Wood Favors of Graphite Wooden Tree Rustic Twig make a unique gift, favor or writing utensil for schools, parties and special events. Great for family reunions, camping and Lumberjack Decorations these Party Supplies make Novelty Gifts and are a special  Natural Pencil Gift for Kids in Classroom.
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Our Top 5 Favorite Boba Bubble Tea Kits 0

We love Boba Tea, and there is no better way to experiment with Boba Bubble Tea at home than with a kit made by those that know what they are doing. After making just one batch of Boba Bubble Tea you may find yourself...
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Fluffy Boa Bridal Wedding Dress 0

Luxury Princess Long Yarne Style Train
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5 Days of the World's Best DIY Anniversary Gifts - Day 2 0

Anniversary Gift Ideas