Day 1: A Year of Dates in a Box

Sure this sounds simple and fun, but what is it? Originally from The Babes Ruth blog. This fun all in one box (pic below) has a great story:

A Year of Dates Easy Anniversary Gift Idea

Photo courtesy of: The Babes Ruth

"The idea here is that everything needed for each date is included in the box. I made a binder (see above pic) that acted as the guide to the date night box. Each month they will pick one of the dates, read through the directions found in the binder, and open any accessories marked with that number. I wanted the gift to be all-inclusive so I did my best to include everything they could possibly need for that date. And of course I tried to find new and different ideas.

The binder has twelve tabs, one for each month. While I did my best to vary the dates and put them in a logical order they are not sequential. Hence the numbered, rather than monthly, labels.

Each tab starts out with:

  • A page of directions that describe what they need and will do
  • Following the directions are checklists
  • score-cards and more
  • Everything needed for each date is included in the box
  • A binder used as a guide through the date nights

- Excerpt from the: The Babes Ruth Blog (2009)

NOTE: Visit the blog to download all of the documents for the Year of Dates Box idea.

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