Have you ever wanted to make a unique, personal statement at your wedding ceremony? Why not try a sand ceremony set! A sand ceremony is an easy and beautiful way to symbolize the joining of two lives. If you're having a blended wedding, it can also be used to represent the blending of two families. Here's how to make a sand ceremony set for your special occasion.

Choosing Your Supplies
The first step in creating your sand ceremony set is gathering all the necessary supplies. You will need three vases—one for each person involved in the ceremony (e.g., bride, groom, and children). You'll also need colored sand that matches your wedding colors as well as funnels or spoons for pouring the sand into the vases. Finally, you’ll need a clear vessel that all of the colored sands can be poured into together. This vessel can be glass or ceramic, depending on what look you are going for.

Beach Unity Sand Wedding Ceremony Set

Preparing Your Vases
Once you have all of your supplies ready, it’s time to prepare your vases! Start by filling each vase with the colored sand until it reaches about 2/3 full. Next, place each vase in its designated spot near the clear vessel so everyone involved knows where they should stand during the actual ceremony. It’s important that everyone stands close enough so they can easily pour their individual sands into the clear vessel without spilling them onto themselves or others!

Performing The Sand Ceremony
When it’s time for the actual sand ceremony, have each person begin by taking turns pouring their individual sands into the clear vessel until all of them are combined together and form one unified color—symbolizing unity between everyone involved in this special event! Once complete, slowly pour out any excess grains from each vase until only enough remains in each one to fill up ¼ of its total capacity then secure lids on top of them for safe storage afterwards.

Linked Hearts Sand Ceremony 4-Piece Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Set
A sand ceremony set is an incredibly meaningful way to symbolize love and unity between two people or even two families at any wedding or special event! Making one yourself is simple yet memorable and highlights just how unique every union really is no matter how big or small it may be! There’s no better way to express love than through a physical representation such as this one - so grab some supplies today and get busy creating yours now!

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