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  • , by Butter Be Mine Create Your Own DIY Table Setting for the Perfect Wedding Event

    Creating a beautiful DIY tablesetting for your wedding event doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; all it takes is some time and creativity on...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Tips and Tricks for Perfect Wedding Favor Boxes

    Your wedding favors are a way of saying 'thank you' to your guests for being a part of your big day. These favors don't have to be...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine How to Have a Sustainable Wedding: Love the Earth While Saying "I Do"

    Having an eco-friendly wedding might seem like an impossible task, but it is a lot easier than it seems. Not only does it offer a...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Creative (AND INFLATION WORTHY) DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests!

    When planning a wedding on a budget, it’s important to get creative with DIY ideas. From basic cost-saving strategies to more intricate projects like personalized...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Grazing Boards and Charcuterie: The latest 2023 wedding reception trend!

    Grazing boards and charcuterie are the latest trend in wedding receptions—and for good reason! They offer something for everyone, they're a great way to keep your...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine 5 Best Custom Guest Books for Your Wedding

    Weddings are special occasions meant to be celebrated and remembered forever. One of the best ways to keep your wedding day memories alive is through...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine How to Make a Sand Ceremony Set for your Blended Wedding

    A sand ceremony set is an incredibly meaningful way to symbolize love and unity between two people or even two families at any wedding or...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Easily Add a Touch of Royalty to Your Events

    If you’re looking for creative ways to incorporate King & Queen glasses into your event, there are lots of options! From champagne flutes paired with...

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  • I REGRET NOTHING! Hangover Survival Kits and Recovery Party Favor Bags!

    , by Butter Be Mine I REGRET NOTHING! Hangover Survival Kits and Recovery Party Favor Bags!

    No matter what occasion you're celebrating, Hangover Helper Kits could be the saving grace that you need to save the day - no more regrets! Our recovery...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Think outside the box and opt for something truly unique - chair favor boxes!

    Admit it - traditional party favors are pretty boring. You know the ones - little bottles of bubbles or cheap keychains that end up getting...

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  • , by Candy Cake Balloon Arrangement Ideas, Tips and Tricks for Weddings and Parties

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  • , by Butter Be Mine 5 Step Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Designer Wedding Dress

    Choosing a designer wedding dress may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. By following these guidelines, you can make an informed decision and...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine 10 Rules of DIY Event Planning and Wedding Planning

    Planning a DIY event or wedding can be a daunting task, but with these 10 rules in mind, you can create a successful and memorable...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine 5 Stunning and Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

    If you wish for something simple yet classic then traditional figurine cake toppers are always a great choice. You can find a wide range of...

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  • , by Butter Be Mine Get Creative with Artful DIY Wedding Favors

    Making DIY wedding favors doesn’t have to be complicated – just choose what works best for you and your special day! With these unique DIY projects, you...

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