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Think outside the box and opt for something truly unique - chair favor boxes!

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Admit it - traditional party favors are pretty boring. You know the ones - little bottles of bubbles or cheap keychains that end up getting lost in the bottom of a purse. But what if there was a party favor that was both unique and useful? Enter the Chair Favor Box! These adorable boxes are shaped like miniature chairs, and can be used to hold all sorts of goodies. Fill them with candy, lottery tickets, or even small bottles of Champagne for a special touch. No matter what you put inside, your guests are sure to be impressed by these stunning party favors. So next time you're planning a wedding, special event, or holiday party, think outside the box and opt for something truly unique - chair favor boxes!

When it comes to wedding favors, there are a lot of options out there. But if you're looking for something that's both unique and stunning, look no further than these chair-shaped favor boxes! They're the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your production wedding.

Chair-shaped favor boxes will definitely make a statement at your wedding and they'll be sure to impress your guests. They come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one to match your wedding theme. And they're even customizable! You can have them printed with your names and wedding date, or you can choose to have them plain. Either way, they're sure to be a hit with your guests.

Chair Favor Box

Enhance any wedding or party color scheme and add a hint of enchantment to the decor with this (shown below) Mini Phantom Chair Wedding Party Favor. Completely transparent yet full of sizzle just like Philippe Stark's Kartell Phantom Ghost Chair. 

Despite their illusory nature, these miniature Phantom Chairs won't fade into the background. The options are plentiful and boundless, consider adding a decadent chocolate truffle, use it as a small table favor gift, or as a place cardholder. The effect will surely take your tablescape to a whole new level of elegance. Go for the whole kabang and add the Chair Favor Box! Have a seat!
 Chair Party Favor

Wedding and party favor boxes look nice and are so fun to pair with your wedding party decor and special event themes, however they may leave you with the problem of what to fill them with.  

Here are some reasons why wedding party planners opt to use wedding favor boxes:

  1. add that extra special touch to your wedding decor
  2. come in 1000s of different varieties
  3. match your theme
  4. match your wedding color palette
  5. easy to fill
  6. tend to be inexpensive
  7. come in a wide variety of styles that can add great personality to your tables
  8. personalize your box for an amazing extra special touch
This is all wonderful and great, but maybe you are still left pondering:

    Here are a few questions that may help you determine the best items for your boxes.

    1. Do you have a wedding, party or event theme that you are working with? If so, you may want to theme the items to match your event theme. For example a beach wedding; fill the boxes with edible chocolate seashells, but keep in mind if heat will be an issue maybe candy isn't the best option.
    2. What type of environment will the favor boxes be subjected to? Will it be hot or humid, if so you may want to avoid items that may be affected by these conditions. Some items that you may want to avoid are, chocolate, candles, certain soaps, some candies, flavored salts and sugars (unless they are properly sealed). 
    3. If you are providing food favors with nuts, are there any known attendees with allergies? Just to be sure including a note about the ingredients may be a safe solution.

    If you're looking for a unique and stylish favor for your production wedding, look no further than these chair-shaped favor boxes! They're sure to impress your guests and they'll definitely add a touch of luxury to your big day. Order yours today!


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