What's New in Weddings? Midday Ceremonies are the Latest Trend!

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A midday wedding ceremony is an exciting new trend that offers couples an intimate experience that isn't available at any other time of day. From having more flexibility in their budget to getting creative with food choices, there are many benefits to hosting a midday wedding ceremony...

How to Have a Virtual Wedding That's Actually Fun

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Just because you're not physically in the same room as your guests doesn't mean you can't still create a beautiful and inviting space for them. Work with what you have available to you and get creative! String up some lights, arrange some flowers and...

Think outside the box and opt for something truly unique - chair favor boxes!

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Admit it - traditional party favors are pretty boring. You know the ones - little bottles of bubbles or cheap keychains that end up getting lost in...

DIY Bird Seed Wedding Favors

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Bird Seed Wedding Favor

10 Days of Wedding Planner Secrets - Day 4

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...the details do count, don't discount them.



What to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue

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Find out What to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue
Free Wedding Planning Las Vegas Wedding

Find a Bridal Show Expo Near You

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Bridal Show Dates
Find a Bridal Show Near You

Top 3 Ways to AVOID Wedding Disasters

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              Top 3 Ways to AVOID Wedding Disaster

Find the Average Cost of a Wedding in Your County

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Where to Get Married - The Best and the Worst!

In the Redwoods Felton, California Wedding Venues

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Felton California Rustic Redwood Wedding Venue
In the Redwoods Felton, California Wedding Venues

How to Win Free Hotel Stays

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