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Free Bachelorette Groom Inspired Party Game Ideas

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We have gathered some of the best bachelorette party game ideas out there. Choose your favorite and leave the details and stories in the comments box below.

  1. Before the party ask the groom some questions about his personal life. Likes/dislikes, some of his firsts (kiss, car etc).
  2. At the party ask the bride the same questions and see how many she can get right!

Free Bachelorette Groom Inspired Party Game Ideas
Image Above: Bachelorette Party Mugshots Game

The GROOM QUIZ "How it Works" Bachelorette Party Trivia Game Game Prep:

Start by getting the Groom to answer the questions below, do this before the Bachelorette party. Be sure that he knows to keep the questions top secret. This is done so that this quiz is truly a test for how well the bride knows the groom.

The Groom's Game Rules:

Ask the Bride the questions below, and then see how she rates using the scoring chart below the questions! For each correct answer she gets +10 points, for each incorrect answer she gets 0 points!

      1. What is your groom's favorite food?
      2. What is the grooms first pet?
      3. Where did you first kiss the groom?
      4. What does the groom like best about your body?
      5. What does he like best about your personality?
      6. What part of the wedding is the groom most looking forward to?
      7. What part of the wedding does the groom dread?
      8. What is the first thing the groom wants to do as Man & Wife?
      9. What is the groom's favorite moment of your relationship so far
      10. When did you know you were going to marry her?
      11. What do you find most attractive about her?
      12. What does she find most attractive about you?
      13. What would you say was the best sex ever?
      14. What is your favorite sexual position?
      15. What is her favorite position?
      16. What are the most times you’ve ever had sex in one day?
      17. Where is the craziest place you've ever had sex?
      18. What does she do that gets under your skin the most?
      19. What was she wearing the first time you met her OR on your first date?
      20. What is your favorite thing she cooks?
      21. What is her favorite thing you cook for her?
      22. What is her worst habit?
      23. What would she say is your worst habit?
      24. When you come home (if you live together) or over to her place, you hope she is ____.
      25. You think she is sexiest when ____.
      26. What is the funniest thing she does or says?
      27. What would she say is the funniest thing you do or say?
      28. Who is her number one celebrity crush?
      29. Who is your number one celebrity crush?
      30. Do you want to have kids? If so, how many?
      31. What is the Groom most looking forward to in the future?

Remember, f or each correct answer she gets +10 points, for each incorrect answer she gets 0 points! 

If her score is….
80-100 Points: This perfect Bride & Groom are a match made in Heaven!
40-70 Points: This Bride & Groom should have one more candlelight dinner before the Wedding!
20-40 Points: Set some time aside with the Groom, and focus on each other (instead of Wedding stuff)!
0-20 Points: There may be a problem, surely it is time to regroup and focus
Below Zero: If this happens whatever you do, do not binge drink and make bad decisions. Instead devise a plan to make it better or get out.

Adult Funny Fortune Cookies

Adult Fortune Cookies 

We know bachelorette parties can get wild, we at Candy Cake Weddings hope that you drink responsibly and we take no responsibility from whatever happens from this test or any others listed on our website. Best wishes on a fun and memorable night and an awesome marriage and wedding. And make sure you have a designated driver and plan safe transportation and a safe way home.

Bachelorette Party Light

Light up the night with the Bachelorette Party Light


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