A month of our favorite BOOKS ABOUT AND HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING AND MARRIAGE, this book is on our top 10 list for so many reasons! 
Title: Vera Wang On Weddings
Author: Vera Wang


Vera Wang On Weddings


"In this superbly produced volume by Callaway Editions, Ltd.; the world‘s most successful bridal gown designer shares her thoughts and vision on weddings. Culled from years of experience in the wedding business, Vera Wang offers ideas on every aspect of the wedding day from invitations to flowers, from cakes to attendants.

Of course, a wedding book by Vera Wang wouldn‘t be complete without detail on the bride‘s gown. She explains how to select the right neckline, construction, length, bodice, and waistline for each bride‘s figure; what fabrics are appropriate for certain times of day; how to choose a headpiece, and much more." - Excerpt from Amazon.com"

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