It may be hard to find the right glassware for your wedding. Use this handy list to find your perfect glassware: 

Mr and Mrs Glass SetA

Above Image: Mr and Mrs White Wine Glassware Set

This set of Mr & Mrs wine glasses honor the devotion, love and hard work of that special Mr. and Mrs. Give them a reason to take a break together, and sip some red or white wine and chat. This chic wine glass set features small red hearts as punctuation for their love. Great for Valentine's Day, anniversary gifts and wedding gifts!
The Red Wine Glass has a larger rim and style that allows the wine to breathe. Designed specifically to enhance the flavor and aromas of red wine these red wine glasses will help you bring your tasting experience to the next level. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection of red wine stemware.

IKEA Wine Glass
Source: IKEA

Champagne Glass Wedding Flutes are shaped to preserve the champagne's effervescence.
Mr and Mrs Champagne Flute Set
Image Above: Champagne Glass Set

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