We all know Chippendales, in one way or another. Like a hot urban legend where women flock to escape morbidreality, their Bachelorette Party Packages are no different. Each one deserving a film of its own, because they got it going when it comes to their Las Vegas Party Package. Wow! Here are a few of their fun downloads with ideas on how to play and add a little spice to your special night. Don't forget to make the girls take the "Secrecy Oath" before joining in any activities. Have fun with this fine collection of free bachelorette downloads and games.

Chippendales Bachelorette Secrecy OathSource: Chippendales


Chippendales "Ultimate Starter Guide" for their Las Vegas Bachelorette Party, suggests 10 easy step to planning a bachelorette party. 
"If you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to spend your final days as a single woman in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Many brides-to-be opt to celebrate the end of their single life and new beginnings with their life partner in Vegas. Coordinating a Las Vegas bachelorette party requires a great deal of advance planning and the ability to create and maintain a reasonable budget. To plan a Las Vegas bachelorette party that won’t easily be forgotten, you’ll need to consider a fresh host of available options – and there are plenty."

Prices start at $119 and go up depending on your party selection. Hello VEGAS!

Chippendales Bachelorette Checklist
Source: Chippendales

The Men of Chippendales
The Men of Chippendales 
Source: Chippendales


Chippendales Drink If Drinking GameSource: Chippendales
Chippendales Who knows the bachelorette best?Source: Chippendales
Chippendales I Dare You Too..
Source: Chippendales
Chippendales Bachelorette Madlibs
Source: Chippendales

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