The bride-to-be is usually the star of the bridal shower, but that doesn't mean the groom can't make an appearance! This is a great opportunity for excited friends and family members to meet the lucky man that stole the bride's heart. Depending on what type of bridal shower it is, the groom may arrive at any point during the celebration.

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Generally, if it is a surprise bridal shower, the bride will invite her significant other near the end to join in on the fun. If it's an open event or destination party, then both bride and groom can come together from the start. Ultimately, deciding when to bring in your soon-to-be husband all comes down to personal preference; just prepare for a memorable surprise regardless!

What does the groom do at the bridal shower and should he attend?


  • The groom often arrives toward the end of the shower
  • The groom usually brings flowers for the bride
  • The groom should plan to quickly greet the guests before they depart
  • This exit entrance ceremony for the groom should be helpful for the bride, it is a nice way to include the groom while allowing for the bride to share her day with her friends and family
  • The groom should plan to help the bride with getting the bridal shower gifts home
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