Top 5 Wedding Life Hacks

The idea of free wedding favors and goods may seem slightly unimaginable to some. Which is why we generated this short list of 5 of our favorite wedding life hacks and wedding freebies.

Like fishing for a freebie... 

We would love to hear how many of these Wedding Hacks work and what experiences you have had, leave us a few notes. We will post them!
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Wedding Congratulation Letter from the First Lady
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A great idea for the scrapbook, and a fine testament of current day events while browsing through your scrapbooks during your 20 year anniversary.

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Disney lovers and scrap bookers, don't pass up the chance to get an autographed photo and just married button from Mickey and Minnie mouse. Imagine looking at this years later with your children and grandchildren.

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This future letter sending idea will make a great reminder to the bride and groom in years to come when life throw curve balls. A fun reminder of what their love was like in the beginning, and a fine reminder to not let the petty stuff get in the way.

Wedding Anniversary Life Hack
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Another great way to remember loved ones and friends anniversary dates.

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Take a photo of yourselves as a couple starting on your first anniversary. Every year thereafter take a photo on your anniversary, watch how you grow and compare your looks and attitude 20 years later.
Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs!

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