Like a long lost art, this majestic ice sculpture reemerges the love of ice, champagne and roses via this carved and frozen ice bowl. Perfect for weddings and events in need of an Ice Sculpture Champagne Display with an extra special touch...the roses!

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Add to Bar Designs, Drink Displays, Ice Displays & Sculptures, Champagne Towers and then feature your favorite Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Don't for the illumination, this ice sculpture would be nothing without proper lighting illuminating it from beneath.


What you will need for your ice sculpture - How to DIY Ice Sculpture:

  1. Distilled water or rainwater (enough to fill your ice sculpture mold)
  2. ice sculpture mold (this is used to freeze your water in, this will give you the desired shape of your final product)
  3. Choose fresh flowers of your choice, or fresh red roses
  4. Don't forget the drip pan for the ice sculpture on the table setting
  5. Lighting for the ice sculpture needs to waterproof lighting
  6. Make a special "cool" space for your sculpture in your table centerpiece, preferably out of sunlight and high intensity lighting

Ice Bowl with Roses and ChampagnePhoto: Pinterest

Just a few tips:

  1. Make sure that your freezer is large enough to house your ice mold.
  2. Make sure that you give your water long enough to completely turn to ice, but not too long
  3. Fill container 1/3 full, add flowers and freeze 3 - 6 hours
  4. After flowers are frozen into place adjust their position and freeze again
  5. When you are ready to remove the mold run under warm water
  6. For a shimmering glossy look spray down the ice sculpture with a spritz of cold water 

Rose Ice Sculpture CarvingPhoto:


Purple Rose Ice Sculpture Carving



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