Chocolate cigars make a fine addition to wedding favor welcome bags, tabletop settings for those non-smokers and an appreciation gift for family and friends that have contributed so much time and money to your wedding day. Below are a 5 ideas for chocolate cigars to use at your wedding.

From the mouths of GODIVA chocolates, "Leave your guests with a lasting impression of your wedding with chocolate wedding favors from GODIVA. When they sit down at the table, these gourmet chocolate wedding favors will have them oohing with delight. From beautifully shaped milk and dark chocolates wrapped in GODIVA’s signature gold ballotin boxes to chocolate cigars creating an artistic statement, your wedding favors will be remembered by your guests for many years to come."

Below: GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Cigars

Below: Royale Chocolate Cigars in Cigar Box pack of 12

Below: Dark Chocolate 12 Piece Cigar Box
Chocolate Cigars
Above: Chocolate Wafer Cigars

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