Chocolate Wax Seals easily add amazing style to wedding cakes, cupcakes, petit fours, birthday cakes, and more. You can start and experiment with or without your favorite pastry. Buy your favorite plain baked goods at your local bakery and personalize them with chocolate “wax” seals. But how do you do it?

Chocolate Wax Seals

Step #1 Purchase your favorite wax seal stamp, here are a few example styles of wax seal, themed waxed seal or monogram wax seal

Step #2 Purchase your choice of bulk chocolate


Instructions on How to melt chocolate for chocolate wax seal:

  1. Warm the sealing wax stick
  2. Drop melted drops on the envelope
  3. Press wax seal after slightly cooling for several minutes
  4. Hold the wax seal down until you feel the melted wax is solidified
  5. Leave to cool at room temp 70* for  1 - 2 hours

Chocolate Wax Seal
Image Source: OneWed

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