This shimmering white four-tiered wedding cake's cascade of candies tantalizes its guests with sparkling edible candies. The candies include a sweet selection of rock candy, gumdrops, Jordan almond drages, wafers, chocolate candies, and more.

Martha Stewart's Wedding: "The quiet shimmer of white sweets gives this cake a romantic air. The candies are scattered across tiers dusted in sparkling sugar. The sweets include rock candy, gumdrops, almond drages, wafers, chocolate candies, white gumballs and more. For the cake topper, we selected a dish made of barley candy. If you want to use a china dish, which is much heavier, insert three or four dowels into the top tier of the cake to support it. For our cake board, we cut 3/4-inch-thick wood to a diameter of 17 inches. To raise it slightly from the surface of the table, we cut a 12-inch-diameter block from 1-inch-thick wood, and glued it to the center of the cake board on the underside."

Source: Martha Stewart's Wedding

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