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Woodland Winter Wedding Cake Designs

Written by Candy Cake


Posted on March 28 2014

Incorporating woodland animals into wedding cake designs brings forth the feeling of nature and winter. Like a walk in the woods with your soon to be spouse, this escalation of a peaceful woodland trail makes for a divine cake top design or accessorize with a few cupcakes featuring a strong buck or a female deer form.

Woodland Animal Inspired Winter Wedding Cake Design
Image Source: Pinterest

Deer Cupcake Design
Image Source: ETSY

Deer Wooden Wedding Cake Design
Image Source: PNZ Designs

Deer Antler Chocolate Cupcakes
Image Source: ETSY Store 

Buck Silhouette on top of a Cupcake
Image Source: ETSY Store

How to Make "Dipped" Deer Cupcake Toppers
Image Source: HGTV



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