Hen party games (aka bachelorette party games) add an exciting thrill to any formal or wild party plans. Below you will find 10 of our favorite bachelorette game ideas for a party that you will never forget.  

TOP 10 BACHELORETTE PARTY GAMESThe Bachelorette Trivia Game

    1. Mr and Mrs Quiz: see how much the bride and groom really know about each other by asking them questions separately and then comparing their answers.
    2. Dress the Bride: create an aire of fun and relive memories of the past by dressing the bride in the most embarrassing outfit you and the bridesmaids can find.
    3. Truth or Dare: a popular game among the masses and well known by girls and women. Be sure to add the proper amount of spirits.
    4. Treasure Hunt: A great team building game that encourages the girls to work together.
    5. Toilet Paper Couture: teams work together to design and create the perfect wedding dress for the bride made from toilet paper.
    6. The Present Game: give the bride a gift and see if she can guess who it's from.
    7. Pass the Parcel: fill the parcel with whatever your heart desires, here are a few ideas: Bachelorette Party Ideas
    8. Guess the Memory: have the girls write down their favorite memory with the bride and see how quickly she can remember it.
    9. Hen Party Pinata: fill the pinata with mini liquor bottles, shot glassesspecially shaped candies, Personalized Chocolate Kissesedible body paint, Hen's Night Lottery Dare Cards and jumbo rainbow lollipops.
    10. The Bride to Be Quiz: test their knowledge and know how with the bride to be quiz.

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