Add some jewels and charm to your bohemian inspired or dread lock style at your wedding, this simple addition adds dimension and style. Consider adding something meaningful like a family heirloom. Celebrate!

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How to style your dreads on your wedding day:

  • There are so many good ways

  • Head Cover/Hair Wraps are a great way to hold your dreads up and out of your face

  • Add Flowers

  • Add jewelry, beads and charms can accent the bride and the wedding

  • A heart shaped bun made with your dreads

  • And believe it or not, hats can make a great accessory to your wedding, go funky or traditional, but be sure to stick to your wedding theme.

Bride's Dread Locs with FlowersImage:


Dread Lock Heart Shaped Bun
Dread Lock Heart Shaped Bun
Image: Offbeat Bride

Boho Dread Locks with FeathersImage:

Bridal / Wedding Dreadlocks Styles with Jewelry and Feathers

Bridal Wedding Dreadlocks StylesImage:

Hair ideas: Styles for brides with
dreadlocks/locs at Weddings
White Dreads with Wedding Top Hat


Great for the bride or the bridesmaids.
Add a little flora to your up-do!
Bridesmaid Hair Dreadlocks
Image: Google Images

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