There is something so wonderful about the fact that lights can be added to wedding invitations. Sure its not for everyone, but it is pretty cool. In an article titled "DIY: Electronic Wedding Invitations" on the website When Geeks Wed, they explain what happened when:

"Electrical Engineer Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique and geeky way, he etched the words “Mara will you marry me?” into a PCB (printed circuit board). What followed says Bill, “is the usual happy ending movie proposal; tears, kisses, everything you would expect. I don’t need to go into details. The bottom line is it worked; she said YES! She was so caught off guard by how I did it she couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after.”

For more information watch the video below and visit When the Geek Wed's article: DIY: Electronic Wedding Invitations


Source: When Geeks Wed

Video: Our Geeky Wedding -- DIY Electronic Wedding Invitations (DEWI)

Source: When Geeks Wed

Source: When Geeks Wed


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