Could this be the perfect winter wedding or engagement ring? A miniature snow globe made into a ring with an almost exact model of the Eiffel Tower as seen in Paris, France. How romantic! These are hand made and designed by a gal on Etsy 

Paris Winter Wedding Snow Globe Ring
Image source: Etsy  

From the designer:
"Imagine strolling down the glowing Champs-Elysées in winter. It will beam with a dazzling display of lights on the trees that line the long boulevard. And snow twinkling beneath your feet when hit by light...  Or skate in the little ice skating rinks sprinkled around the Paris streets! Keep warm and toasty after wards with a cup of hot chocolate or "chocolat". From the little cafes, you would see the majestic Eiffel Tower beaming with pride and sparkling from snow... just beautiful."

Paris Inspired Winter Wedding Snow Globe RingImage source: Etsy  

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