Sacred Sweets has created a light and floral lollipop, possibly the perfect addition to your party's decor. Always hand made and delicious, these superbly gorgeous lollipops were discovered while perusing through their online wedding cake gallery. Order them online or over the phone and have them shipped.

"A class of their own. Confections will not be easily contained in a single descriptive box. We make ours by hand always and use playful restraint to ensure they are never “too sweet”." (Miche Bacher, Sacred Sweets 2014)

Source: Miche Bacher, Sacred Sweets

"Led by designers and chefs Miche Bacher and Nanao Anton, Sacred Sweets is a true collaboration. Informed by diverse backgrounds in the visual and healing arts, by Miche’s work with some of the country’s most renowned chefs and Nanao’s experience in design, and by their mutual love for the culinary arts, Sacred Sweets brings excellence and innovation to the table."

Source: Miche Bacher, Sacred Sweets



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