Our Favorite DIY Wedding Popcorn Bars

Many couples have chosen to incorporate popcorn bars into their wedding day plans or their wedding reception, and there are so many good reason why. Here are a few reasons why.

Personalized Popcorn Box Sticker
Above: Personalized Popcorn Box Sticker

"Make your Wedding Unique with a Popcorn Bar If you're looking for a unique snack to have at your wedding, consider a popcorn bar! Things to consider with a Wedding Popcorn Bar Quantity As with all your other wedding details, having the right amount of popcorn at your wedding popcorn bar is critical. You want to make sure your guests have ample popcorn to enjoy.

A few things to consider: Other snacks? If you have other snacks and other hors d'oeuvres then you won't need as much popcorn since people will tend to spread out to all the snacks. How long to munch? The longer your guests have to wait, the more they will snack on. Also if you plan to keep the popcorn out all night, it provides a great snack to have while dancing the night away.
Vessel? How will your guests be treating themselves to your popcorn bar? Using larger bowls/containers will allow your guests to take more at one time, whether or not they consume it. If your bowls hold 3 cups, you may find yourself running short if you only allot for 1 cup per guest. Ultimately, the amount of popcorn will vary for every occasion. A good rule of thumb is most people, with other snacks available, will probably go through about 1-2 cups per person. " Popcorn Wagon

Wedding Popcorn Bar
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