The Details
There is a schedule of events and then there is the real thing. What's the difference between the two?
LIFE!! People, problems, things that just happen that our out of our control. That is why we have day 3, THE DETAILS!

Accent Lighting for Weddings and PartiesFind Accent Lighting for Weddings and Parties

Sure there is a lot that can go wrong, and you may find yourself having nightmares a good month before your wedding, but keep in mind that there is a whole lot that can go right. But it is always a good thing to walk through all of the details. Find someone you can trust to help you with this exercise. Your groom or bride to be may not be the best person to do it with. This planning commitment will depend on how involved they are in the planning and how involved they want to be in the planning.


Creative visualization and a little visual planning can take you far. Consider visually imagining all of the details of your wedding day. Talk it & walk it as you move through the entire event a few weeks before the wedding, and do it from your guest's point of view. Every minor detail should be covered including:

  • who will hand out the programs
  • how to shuttle guests from the church to reception
  • food and drinks
  • and who will be your main man or woman during the wedding ceremony

10 Days of Wedding Planner Secrets - Day 3 - The Details
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