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Easy Life Hacks for Understanding Invitation and Stationery Printing Terminology

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Whether you are planning a special event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, or simply need some custom invitations for an upcoming dinner with friends, you can find all the printing materials and processes that you need right here on this page. With options for printing on everything from traditional paper to more unique fabrics like felt, leather, and silk, there is sure to be something here to suit your needs.

Whether you are planning a special event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, or simply need some custom invitations for an upcoming dinner with friends, you can find all the printing materials and processes that you need right here on this page. With options for printing on everything from traditional paper to more unique fabrics like felt, leather, and silk, there is sure to be something here to suit your needs. Whether you require professionally designed invitations with intricate text and designs or simple, rustic cards that reflect your individual taste and style, we have the tools and resources to help make your ideas become reality. So explore our range of printing materials and processes from A to Z today and start planning the perfect event!

Meaningful Medallion Invitation

Butter Be Mine offers a complete line of customer invitations for parties, graduations, special events, weddings and more. Take a look at our uniquely spectacular collection of invitations here.

3-ply Napkins : The material: Thick, quality paper napkins with coined edges for printing with foil or ink The result: A personal, colorful detail for your celebration!

Acrylic : The material: Thick acrylic may be etched with designs and wording The result: The look of personalized crystal at a price you can afford!

Assembly : The process: Arranging your order, including gluing layers, tying ribbon, inserting into pockets or envelopes, and more The result: Your items look perfect, and you save time!

Cotton Paper : The material: 100% cotton paper suited for letterpress and engraving The result: The thickest, richest paper personalized for your luxurious style!

Wisteria Bliss Invitation

Debossing : The process: Pressing designs and color into paper The result: An elegant, textured look you’ll love!

Die-cutting : The process: Using metal dies to cut edges and shapes The result: A unique shape and style for your items!

Digital Printing : The process: Creating multi-color designs with digital inks The result: Custom designs that are all yours!

Drilling : The process: Using a machine drill to create holes in paper The result: It’s easy for you to assemble and join items with ribbon!

Duplexing : The process: Pasting layers of paper together to create a piece with extra thickness The result: An even more impressive finished item!

Embossing : The process: Pressing a die into the back of paper to create a raised image on the front The result: Elegance you can see AND feel!

Embroidery : The process: Machine stitching in your choice of thread color The result: Your monogram or design stands out in style!

Engraving : The process: Applying raised ink to thick paper with an engraved metal plate The result: Your flair – with a nod to tradition!

Exquisitely Lace Invitation - Wrap with Ecru Satin Ribbon

Enhanced Raised Foil : An innovative printing process that adds a dramatic layer of metallic foil – resulting in a shiny, raised effect that pops off the paper and gleams in the light. Real foil adheres to the top of raised designs and lettering, adding dimension and shine to these products.

Envelope Printing – Offset & Inkjet : The process: Printing return addresses on envelope flaps via thermography or inkjet The result: You save time and your stationery is consistently beautiful!

Etching : The process: Creating designs on acrylic or glass with lasers or cutting The result: A permanent display of your custom style!

Faux Leather Board : The material: Thick, faux leather material designed for heat stamp personalization The result: You’ll get a rich look with rustic style!

Featherpress : The process: Pressing a foil tint into paper for a distressed look The result: Each piece is unique with vintage quality!

Foil Stamping : The process: Applying foil to paper with a die, pressure and heat The result: A luxurious look for your custom items!

Glass : The material: High-quality, clear glass for engraving and etching The result: You’ll be able to toast your event with personality!

Grommeting : The process: Punching multiple layers of paper and inserting a round fastener to join them The result: Custom layering of all your items!

Label Printing : The material: Adhesive paper labels (address labels, icings, wraps, etc.) printed a variety of processes The result: Custom labels make a great impression!

Laser Cutting : The process: Cutting designs into paper with a laser beam The result: Unique, intricate details add up to a work of art!

Letterpress : The process: Pressing designs and up to three ink colors deeply into thick paper The result: A traditional process that perfectly suits your modern style!

Magnets : The material: Thick, smooth magnet stock cut and printed for multiple uses The result: Save the date cards, invitations and more that attract attention!

Napkin Printing – 4-Color : The process: Applying 4-color ink designs and personalization digitally to napkins The result: A colorful, custom look for your entire celebration!

Napkin Printing – Ink & Foil : The process: Applying colorful ink or foil designs and personalization to napkins The result: Napkins that dress up your event in personal style!

Offset Flat Printing : The process: Printing ink directly onto paper with no raised finish The result: A classic and elegant look for your printed pieces!

Offset Glitter Coating : The process: Glitter is mixed with thermography powder and heated to coat designs The result: Your items shimmer and shine with real glitter!

Offset Thermography Printing : The process: Heating resin and ink, which fuse to create raised lettering on paper The result: Raised lettering for a fraction of the price of embossing!

Ribbon : The material: Satin or acetate ribbon stamped in foil with continuous messaging. The result: You’ll add the perfect finishing touch to gifts, favors, packages and more!

Ribbon Printing : The process: Adding foil personalization to ribbon with a die, pressure and heat The result: Your luxurious look is all tied up!

Single, Double and Triple Thick Board : The process: Using pressure to bind multiple layers of paper together The result: The thickest paper possible – at a price you can afford!

Stitching : The process: Machine stitching designs onto paper in thread The result: A creative, DIY look you don’t have to do yourself!

Translucent Paper : The material: Sheer, vellum-like paper printed and cut for layering and wraps The result: An accent of sheer elegance!

Variable Printing : The process: Personalized items are individually printed with information from a list you provide The result: Beautifully addressed envelopes, individual place cards and more – without having to do it yourself!

Wood : The material: Thin sheets of birch foil stamped, digitally printed or laser engraved. The result: Items that capture your natural style! 

At Butter Be Mine we are passionate about celebrations. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, or any other special occasion, we thrive on the excitement of helping others plan and enjoy their events. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the wedding and entertainment industry, and we use our expertise to help clients with everything from choosing the perfect invitations and décor to planning fun entertainment for guests. Whether you're planning your big day or throwing an office party for a client, Weddings and Parties is the perfect choice to make your celebration truly amazing. So why wait? Let's start planning today! View our stationery collection here

Enclosed in Lace Invitation


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