Adult Cupcake Set Party Decorations

Items: Pride Party Wrappers & Toppers
Sale price$10.99


Party like an adult with your favorite set of adult cupcake wrappers and decorations. Choose from Pride Party Cupcake Wrappers and Decorations, Hot Bods or Naughty wraps and decor.

Any of these specialty themed cupcake decorations are certain to make your party treats look yummy! The 24 wrappers are the perfect number for any cupcake mix recipe, and the themed toothpick toppers will make any cupcake look witty & standout at bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, coming out parties and more.

    Includes: 24 wrappers (12 of each of 2 patterns) and Themed 24 Cupcake Pick Toppers (6 each of 4 designs)
    Item# NV057 

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