Disposable Exposure Wedding Camera - Silver Enchanted Hearts

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Capture those moments that are often missed with this Disposable 16-Exposure Wedding Camera - Silver Enchanted Hearts with flash. Each single-use camera comes with 200 ASA film and has a built-in flash for up to a range of 3.5 meters and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fun and interactive, guests have the opportunity to quickly snap tons of unique wedding moments on 35mm film. Plus, the cute white with silver hearts paper wrapper on the one-time-use camera lets it coordinate seamlessly with your wedding style and theme. A cheap way to add fun to any party, the disposable, point and shoot camera can be given to the ladies in your bridal party to capture your bachelorette night antics or add a throwaway camera to the party favor pack at a birthday party so everyone can photograph the birthday fun!

Please note that the shape of the camera may vary slightly from the image shown. Keep in mind these are not professional cameras. The exterior retail packaging of cameras may be different than what is posted. Email for details. The experience of the camera operator can greatly affect the resulting images, as can factors including lighting conditions, weather, distance, etc. Be realistic with your expectations and know in advance that disposable cameras are mostly just for fun.

Indoor flash range up to 3.5 meters
Built-in flash
16 exposure/ 200 ASA film
Can be used both indoors and outdoors
Item# 5503

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