Personalized French Love Letter Poem Wedding Aisle Runner

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The Romance and Gold Chic Style of this Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner will add fairy tale like romance to your wedding day with the chic style of this Parisian love letter style aisle runner.

What is non-woven fabric? Non-woven fabric is created using a heat process to entangle fibers. The result is an engineered material that mimics the appearance and texture of sheer woven fabric without being as delicate. Because of this, each aisle runner is resistant to tearing but yet intended for a single use. This runner is translucent and will allow for letting the floor beneath peak through. Such as the natural wood grain of chapel floors or other.

Poem on aisle runner translated in English is... My love blooms for you like a flower in spring like a piece of art it's a beautiful thing. I hold to it gently and feel its light glow as into my heart It opens the petals The dew it does drink as into your eyes my soul starts to sink. My stomach aflutter with butterfly wings Emotions and thoughts And other things. Our love is new And bright as a star God must really love me To bring me to you

Size: 39" (W) x 75 feet (L)
Made of 33 gram non-woven fabric
Includes an attached cord handle and double-sided adhesive tape
NOTE: Fabric is semi-sheer and is best suited for use on a solid floor surface
Item# 9299

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