Protective Face Mask Travel Bag - Blush Pink

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The Blush Pink Protective Face Mask Travel Bag is designed for when you're on the move, the travel bag for your face mask bag is made from soft cotton with a satin drawstring to cinch the pouch closed and limit your contact with the mask after its been worn.


  • made from soft cotton
  • satin drawstring to cinch the pouch closed
  • hand-washable
  • helps safeguard against other contaminants
  • remember to make sure your face mask is dry before placing it in the bag
  • available other colors

Plus, you can wash it alongside your mask. It's a cheap, extra precaution you can take to safeguard against any contaminants the cloth face-covering might be exposed to when it is worn. It's especially useful when circumstances prevent you from throwing your reusable fabric mask directly in the wash.

Includes one bag
Color: Pastel Pink
Mask Sold Separately
100% Cotton & Rayon
Pairs perfectly with all our protective face masks (sold separately
Protects and keeps your face mask clean when you are not wearing
Drawstring closure: 6.3" (L) x 6.5" (H)
Item# WS556492P
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