Winter Skiing Couple Wedding Cake Top

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A cool romance to your winter wedding cake with this charming (and fun) Winter Skiing Couple Wedding Cake Top. Beautifully detailed and fashionably designed, this cozy bride and groom wedding couple is the model of winter style. It comes complete with ski poles and a bridal bouquet, this couple is set to ski the slopes together. 

In order to create the unique poses and impressive details, each porcelain figurine begins as a series of separate elements. Much like a puzzle, the head, arms, flowers, etc. are carefully joined together by hand. Once assembled, the figurine is fired in a kiln. The extremely high temperature permanently fuses the pieces together and converts the clay into porcelain. Because of this, each figurine will be slightly unique. Small variations from the images shown are simply unavoidable.

Made of Hand Painted Porcelain
Dimensions: 4" Long x 5.75" Tall
Weight: 11.2 oz
Base: 4" x 2-3/4"
Hair color as shown in picture, custom hair colors are available
Hair color options start at $10.00
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