Don't miss your "happily ever after" because you failed to plan your wedding correctly. Follow these helpful wedding planner tips and plan like a professional wedding planner.

Invitations and Maps:
Before sending out your wedding invitations or your wedding reception invites consider recruiting a pal to drive the written directions with you. Observe your friend as they follow the directions. Are they easy enough to figure out? Or is your friend struggling?

If necessary, recruit two or three friends on separate occasions with different driving abilities. This will help you determine if your 20 year old cousin or your grandma will be capable of understanding the directions.

Consider alternative online sources like MapQuest, Google Maps or the venue-provided directions to make sure that your written directions really do work. Have your friend follow the instructions exactly as written, with no help from you. This will help you discover the unclear written directions and allow you enough time to rewrite them. 

10 Days of Wedding Planner Secrets - Day 2 - Invitations and Maps
Above: The Charming Fuchsia Band Wedding Invitation Kit

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