Glittering Beads 7 Piece Wedding Flute, Candle and Cake Serving Set

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Glittering Beads Champagne Flute Set

Item# 10053
Silver-accented, clear stems filled with glittering glass beads. 9 1/4" tall. Set of two.

Glittering Beads Candle Stand Set
Item# 10813
Glittering beads nickel-plated candle stands and clear columns filled with glittering glass beads. 5" tall center stand. 4 1/2" tall taper stands. Candles not included.

Glittering Beads Serving Set
Item# 10054
Silver-accented, clear handles filled with glittering glass beads. Knife 12.5 length.

Includes 2 Champagne Flutes, Candle Set and cake serving set.
Item# GlitterBeadsSet
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