#1 Don't become "Bridezilla."
Obsessing over every detail and thinking about your wedding plans all day can induce nightmares and can make you lose sight of what really matters. If you find yourself in a situation like this, try refocusing on the fact that it's a day about the two of you creating a lifelong bond and a union.

Two Families Become One Wedding Ceremony Yard Sign

#2 Ask for, delegate and accept help from loved ones.
Your family and friends are here to help, so don't forget to ask for it, they don't read minds. If they don't do it exactly the way you want, refocus with them in a kind and loving manner. By allowing others to be a part of the wedding and wedding plans can add to the joy of the occasion.

#3 Start with a budget.
It's easy to get swept away with wedding day planning, starting with a budget can help you plan efficiently without being stuck with an outlandish bill to deal with later on. The average cost of an American wedding is $22,000. Come up with your own budget for the wedding and stick to it. Do you really want to burden your new love union by starting out broke or in debt?

Because remember Happily Ever After starts today.
Happily Ever After Wedding Ceremony Yard Sign

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